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Clinical Development
Outsourcing Strategies

Tactical Services

  • ​Development of outsourcing practices, SOPs and guidelines.
  • Vendor identification and selection. 
  • Access to subject-matter experts, contractors, consultants and full project teams.
  • Long term comprehensive vendor management. 

We Provide Services To Four Primary Market Segments ...
​Benefits For Bio-Pharmaceutical Companies

  • ​Augment efforts for development and implementation of strategic plans
  • Gain deeper insights into current and relevant market conventions
  • Greater control over timelines, budgets and ROI
Clinical Development Outsourcing Strategies ™      Philadelphia, PA, USA      Direct: + 1 (215) 582-9995      hani@cdoStrat.com

Strategic Services

  • ​Design and implementation of strategic vendor partnerships and deal structures.
  • Design and development of corporate clinical outsourcing strategy and tactics.
  • Vendor identification, comparative assessments, and final selection guidance.  
  • Orchestrate meetings with vendors and Project Team preparations.  
  • Budget and contracts negotiations and guidance.  
  • Creating new instruments, or updating current platforms for the evaluation of vendors. 

Tactical Services

  • ​Critical review of vendor proposals, budgets, plans, tools, and resources.
  • Development and evaluation of project scope and specifications.
  • Access to contractors and consultants, or the assembly of entire Project Teams.
  • Supporting “overflow” of outsourcing activities, including development of RFPs.  
  • Review and assessment of corrective action and management plans.
  • Vendor outsourcing activities in newly emerging markets, including MENA.
  • Provide specialized insight and expertise for the post-approval clinical sector.

​Benefits For Clinical Research Organizations And Vendors

  • ​Identification of corporate partners and new business verticals 
  • Accelerate business establishment in the US and the EU
  • Optimize strategic direction and accelerate growth

Strategic Services

  • Identification of partners for mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, and backlog evaluations.
  • Establishment of new CROs in the US or the EU, including structure, forecasting, and planning.
  • Strategic plans for new business verticals, acquisition of new business and new clients.
  • Design and implementation of strategic partnerships.
  • Provide guidance to business development and operational management in the preparation of bid-defense meetings.
  • Assist executive commercial leadership with the design and roll-out of strategic sales and marketing plans.

Tactical Services

  • ​Supporting business development teams in the development of proposals and RFP responses.
  • Supporting “overflow” RFP request activities, including development of proposals, coordination and planning with pharmaceutical and other vendor partners.
  • Supporting business development activities, including sales planning and management.
  • Screening and selection of CRO vendors in the new emerging markets, such as MENA.

​Benefits For Institutions And Universities

  • Access to expert industry guidance and conventions
  • Increasing ROI of outsourcing practices
  • Active assessment of best outsourcing options

Strategic Services

  • ​Design and implementation of strategic partnerships.
  • Elucidate project scope and develop specifications for RFPs.
  • Guidance on budgets and resource requirements.
  • Exploration of multi-national partnerships.
  • Identification of investors.

​Benefits For Investment Organizations

  • Access to subject-matter expertise, guidance, insight, and review
  • Validation of options, and increasing confidence in strategic direction
  • Realizing growth from strategic plans and protecting investments 

Strategic Services

  • ​Identification and screening of potential investment targets.
  • Evaluation of backlog quality and staff-resource capabilities.  
  • Forecasting activities.
  • Development of strategic plans.
  • Expert consultation and insight into CRO and bio-pharma operational and outsourcing practices.

Tactical Services

  • ​Guidance and implementation of due-diligence activities.
  • Roll-out of post-merger integration activities.
  • Guidance on securing expert staff, consultants and key executives.
  • Comprehensive vendor management for venture-capital and private-equity backed drug/device companies.

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